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Film – “A well founded fear” – Saturday 9th November 12pm to 2pm

You are warmly invited to a public meeting: 

“What is the government’s policy on refugee applications & what happens to people who are sent back?”

featuring the film “A Well-founded Fear”


WHEN: Saturday 9 November
WHERE:   Kiama Pavilion
2 Bong Bong Street, KIAMA

(near KIAMA Station)
(‘Saddleback room’ – downstairs)

Every year thousands of people flee their homelands to escape persecution. Phil Glendenning, President of the Refugee Council of Australia, will explain the new government’s policy towards asylum seekers and Australia’s system of processing refugee applications.

Asylum seekers (ie, “people seeking protection”) who come to Australia without a visa are put in detention centres while their claims for asylum are assessed. They are deported if the Australian government does not think they are genuine refugees. International Law says that people should not be sent to unsafe locations, but Australian governments never find out what happens to the asylum seekers they deport.

Phil Glendenning and the Edmund Rice Centre made it their mission to find the truth. They travelled the world and tracked 250 returnees in 22 countries. Join Phil to discuss what happened & is still happening to asylum seekers who are sent back.

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Directions:   From Kiama train station, walk down Railway St, turn left onto Bong Bong St, go to the end, and there is parking at Kiama Pavilion.